Tankless vs Tank Water Heaters

Honest analysis to select between tankless and tank water heaters

Tankless vs Tank Water Heaters
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Water heaters are an essential requirements now-a-days for various households residing in different cities globally, The article suggests the best possible points to compare among tankless and tank water heaters and accordingly suggest the users to choose the best among two by understanding their specific features.

Water heaters have become one of the most essential requirements for the houses now-a-days whose multipurpose utilities are always admired by the families. There exist basically two types of water heaters namely Traditional or Tank Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters which are installed as per the user’s requirements. Both the two different water heaters hold individual properties in terms of cost consideration, work efficiency and working criteria.

The following list of points are sufficient enough to understand the points of differences between the two water heaters and accordingly recommends the buyers to purchase the particular one as per the necessities:-

Construction and Working

Tank water heaters are the kinds of insulated tanks which are capable enough to heat and store the water inside the tanks until and unless it is required to be utilized in kitchen, bathroom or other required areas of the house. Natural heating process of the water is done inside the tanks.

Tankless water heaters are constructed to get the water available directly to the showers or faucets without getting them stored inside any insulated tanks. Water gets heated using the very high powered burners and is made available as per the user’s requirements.

Water Storage Capacity

Tankless water heaters storage capacity cannot be defined as there is no any possibility to store the water. Water is provided as per the user’s necessities whenever required.

Tank water heaters are capable of storing approximately 30-50 gallons of water and are heated accordingly using the natural procedures.

Energy Sources

Tankless water heaters use gas or electricity for heating procedures and accordingly made available to the beneficiaries. As compared to the gas powered storage tanks, these are 22% greater in energy efficiency.

Tank water heaters utilize natural gas or even electricity as fuel for heating purposes. As compared to tankless water heaters, these water heaters uses 50% less energy favoring low fuel costing consumption as well.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient in comparison to tank water heaters and around 24% - 34% of more energy savings are noticed over these water heating sources.


Owing to the advanced heating mechanisms provided as discussed above, tankless water heaters are more costly in comparison to the tank water heaters.

Reliability, Usefulness and Lasting

Tankless water heaters are more reliable, useful and last for approximately 20+ years as per the utilities. However, the tank water heaters are less reliable and accordingly last merely for 10-15 years of time period. The lasting and reliability are different on the basis of their individual construction and energy saving mechanisms.

Based on the points discussed above mentioning the individual characteristic features of both the different types of water heaters, it is better to choose Tankless Water Heaters over Tank Water Heaters. Money factor will obviously be there in selecting the prior one as a water heating source for the households because of rich sets of features provided. Accordingly, it is better to select and decide the appropriate one as per the requirements.

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