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Decorate your Home

If you have thought about decorating your home but have hesitated. Go ahead and give it a try. Follow your own style and see how lovely your home can be.

I love redoing our home. I look at magazines and watch decorating shows on TV. I'm apt to change everything around on a whim. My son put up bookshelves on one wall of our living room, and I love that. I have a complete wall of books. I have a few accessories tucked in but the wall is almost completely books.

I still have books scattered here and there, a few on tables and chests. I have family pictures on the walls. Those are what I like best. Always let your home show your taste. I make slip covers and recover my sofa pillows. I'm always comparing colors and thinking what colors look good together. I steal ideas right and left. If I come to your home, I will look at the colors you choose and how well they fit together. Sorry, it's in my blood.

Our place is small so we have no large pieces of furniture. Large pieces of furniture take up too much space in a small place. Walls are best painted white or off white unless you have large rooms. If you have a large home you can choose dark colors but  dark colors make cozy spaces appear even smaller. I like the word cozy rather than small. Small is cozy. Every thing must be well organized. And anything you don't need, get rid of it. Clutter is not pretty. I like to see everything neat and in it's place.

Colors don't always have to match, I have a gold colored couch, dark blue slipcovers on a love seat and another slip covered couch in grey, pink and black. Throw pillows are a mixture of those colors. I make new slipcovers when I get tired of the old one. Sometimes I bring the old slipcovers back and use them differently. It's your home. Decorate it any way you like. You may be a natural and  surprise yourself. You never know until you try. I know people who think their decorating scheme is written in stone, but change saves you from boredom. I get tired of looking at the same old thing every day. I like to refresh and revamp.

Everything doesn't have to match but everything should have a good flow. I'm planning to make new slip covers soon, and I'm choosing my colors before I go shopping for new material. Of course I will look closely at the material before I buy and be sure the colors look well together. But I like to have a good idea of what I'm shopping for before I go into the fabric store. I'm thinking of a light orangy color, a light shade of blue and maybe yellow or taupe. I might choose one material with checks, stripes, or figures but I don't want my room to look too busy. I like mostly solid colors and a figured print for interest. Maybe new curtains of the figured print would go well but the room must have  restful comfortable feel.

If you are one of those people who thinks you could never do it yourself, give it a try. You might find you have the touch to be a successful home decorator. And anyway, it's your home. Give it the touches that appeal to you.

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