Decorating a Colorful Home

Decorating a Colorful apartment

If you like a colorful home, it isn't difficult. With a little time and effort you can make your home as bright and colorful as you like..

I like bright cheerful rooms and I love quilting. I lay my quilts across beds, Over headboards, couches and sometimes over tables. I make slip covers and cover pillows in colorful material. I don't paint my walls in  bright colors for two reasons. One, I like to keep walls white as a back drop for other colors and two, we live in an apartment. I also love having colorful books on my book shelves.

I don't buy books for the color but I try to buy books I intend to read with colorful jackets. If that isn't possible, I dress them in colorful jackets. Mix and match your colors, if your pillows have flowers or strips of different  colors, fill in with a few pillows in solid colors to keep your room from looking too busy and cluttered.

In my bedroom, I have white walls, of course. A white bedspread with a quilt spread across the bottom of the bed  with colors of pink, blue, green, white and purple. Another quilt across the headboard is purple, red, and white. My window curtains are white with a valance of blue. On the bed I have pillows of pink, purple, white, blue and green. My carpet is a neutral tan. My lamps are brown wood with white shades. My furniture is the same brown as the lamps. it's been this way for a long time and I wont change it any time soon. I believe if you love the way your room looks, why change anything?

I have a tiny white kitchen with brown varnished cabinets.It cannot be changed, but I use colorful dish towels and dishes. My colorful pitchers sit on top of the refrigerator to bring in a bit of color, so it suits me. I also have narrow shelves where I place ceramics and spices. Floor is plastic patterned to look like hard wood, I love it, so easy to clean. A swipe of a damp mop and it's nice and shiny.

In my living room, I have one wall with shelves of books with colorful jackets. My better half and I both love books so they are a must in our small apartment. Slipcovers on one couch are a pattern of gray, blue, pink,and black. The love seat is blue,usually with a colorful quilt thrown across it, another couch a golden yellow with a colorful quilt. Pillows are pink, red, blue and yellow. Curtains are white with just a little yellow. Carpet is still a neutral tan. One ceramic lamp is white with a white shade and another is a floor lamp of gold colored metal.

I take great pride in our small apartment. I love showing it off to friends. We have lived here for many years and I doubt that we will ever live anywhere else, I would enjoy reading about the homes of other writers on Expertscolumn. It is my wish that our CEO will add a page to make it easy to find all our articles. I can't find many articles to read, and I would love to hear what you have to say.

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