It's Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning and home

It's time for spring cleaning, so lets get it over with and enjoy the results of our labor.

After a long cold winter, spring is finally here. All the outdoors looks fresh and new. Doesn't it make you feel good to hear birds chirping and see bees buzzing around? Spring is my favorite season of the year. All the fresh greenery, creeks bubbling down the valleys, and kids out playing ball. It's also the time our apartment needs a good spring cleaning. So, lets get out all the cleaning supplies and get to work.

Cleaning doors of fingerprints must be done, especially if you have children.

I also brush down the walls and sometime do touch up painting. Deep carpet cleaning is an absolute must. We either hire professional carpet cleaners or we go to Kroger and rent a carpet cleaning machine. But first I use a carpet cleaner for spots before we bring in the big guns. If I don't, I sometimes notice the spots are still there. Actually I spot clean our carpets regularly. I like rug runners on heavily traveled areas such as the front door and the door to the patio. It helps keep carpets cleaner. Vacuuming often during every season is necessary also.

Use your vacuum cleaner with the proper attachments to clean the exhausts in bathrooms. Your exhausts will work more efficiently and will help prevent mildew, mold and paint problems. If you see any mold or mildew, call a professional. Mold is very dangerous to your health. Spring is the perfect time to check for small air leaks around windows and doors and repair them. Doing so will save on air conditioning this summer and heat during next winter. Calk cracks and weather strip doors and windows. If you don't like the looks of calk or weather stripping, consider using a weather resistant sealant. It resists moisture and can be sanded and painted.

Dust will accumulate inside your smoke detector, possibly causing a false alarm. After checking the batteries, take the top off and vacuum the inside. Also batteries should be replaced once a year and the smoke detector itself should be replaced about every ten years. While you're about it check fire extinguishers and see that they are in good working order.

Take down your curtains to wash windows and clean your curtains. I usually change my curtains after I do spring cleaning. I like a change of texture and color especially in the spring. I took down heavy white curtains in our bedroom and replaced them with thin white curtains with red stripes. They will go well with my white chenille bedspread and a chair covered in red material.

Now's the time to bring out your spring and summer clothing and pack away your winter garments for another season. Now go outside and breathe the the fresh spring air. Have a wonderful spring and summer.

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This is more like the Saturday cleaning at my place, the spring cleaning is a bigger scale apocalyptic event. It usually includes moving the whole furniture in all kind of the direction and tossing clothes all over the place.


thank you for your comment. I would love to comment on your articles if I could find them. When I click on your picture it takes me to your cover page. Sorry, I will keep trying.


Hi, Here in India, it is summer and it is too hot to bear. I am just waiting for the arrival of the monsoon!